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StowNCharge - Drive, Stow, Charge: Your MagSafe Solution for the Open Road

StowNCharge - Drive, Stow, Charge: Your MagSafe Solution for the Open Road

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Note: MagSafe Chargers are not included. See recommended chargers below.

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Introducing StowNCharge - the ultimate accessory for your Rivian, redefining the way you charge and store items on your journey. Experience enhanced functionality and organization in a sleek package.

Key features of StowNCharge include:

  • Smooth Sliding Drawer: Provides quick and convenient access to your belongings, with a sleek and unobtrusive profile when closed.
  • Soft Flocked Bottom: Protects your valuable items, ensuring they stay secure and protected, even on rough terrains.
  • MagSafe Charging: Offers effortless attachment and reliable charging for iPhone 12 and later models.
  • Power Adapter with QC 4.0 and PD: Delivers rapid and efficient power to your phone, ensuring you stay connected.
  • Utilizes Rivian Charger Outlet: Frees up your USB ports for other devices.
  • Snap Catch Mechanism: Keeps the drawer securely in the desired position—either fully open or securely closed.

StowNCharge is specifically designed for Rivian vehicles, enhancing your driving experience with its seamless integration and essential features. The smooth sliding drawer and soft flocked bottom provide a safe and convenient storage solution for your belongings.

The power adapter with QC 4.0 and PD compatibility offers rapid and efficient power delivery to your phone, ensuring you stay connected throughout your adventures. The addition of MagSafe charging compatibility further enhances convenience, providing effortless attachment and reliable charging for iPhone 12 and later models (all phone sizes are compatible).

Thoughtfully designed, StowNCharge incorporates a catch mechanism, ensuring the drawer stays securely in the desired position—either fully open or securely closed—preventing unexpected movement. This means your items remain secure, giving you peace of mind as you focus on the journey.

StowNCharge takes advantage of the Rivian charger outlet, freeing up your USB ports for other devices. This practical design feature enhances the convenience and utility of your vehicle, providing an optimal charging and storage solution.

StowNCharge is the perfect companion for Rivian owners seeking a well-organized and connected driving experience. Upgrade your vehicle with StowNCharge and travel with confidence, knowing your devices are charged and your belongings are within easy reach.

Installation Guide: Installing StowNCharge involves the removal of the existing Rivian charger. This might sound daunting, but rest assured, it's a straightforward and safe process that can be managed by anyone. Detailed video instructions guide you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free setup and enabling you to swiftly begin enjoying the benefits of StowNCharge.

Compatible Chargers:

  • JSAUX Magnetic Wireless Chargers (recommended) (Amazon 2-Pack)
  • Apple MagSafe Charger

These are the only chargers that have been tested to fit - other chargers may work if they mimic the dimensions of the Apple Magsafe Charger.

Charging Benchmarks


Device: iPhone 14 Pro


Phone State of Charge: 50%

Testing Duration: 5 minutes

Observe Max Wattage and see what rate it stabilizes at. Compare vs USB Ports

JSAUX MagSafe Chargers

StowNCharge: 9.2 Watts (max observed 9.4!)

USB Ports: 7.2 Watts (max 7.4)

Apple MagSafe Chargers

StowNCharge: 12.5 Watts (max observed 19!)

USB Ports: 7.2 Watts (max 7.4)

Notes: Quickly rose to 19 Watts and slowly dropped down to around 12.5 over 2 minutes. Held that for the rest of testing time


The charging rates are significantly improved with StowNCharge compared to USB port Qi Charging. In fact, these speeds were nearly identical to using a 30-watt outlet in the house.

Disclaimer: Charging speeds can vary for many reasons, including device battery health, heat, state of charge, or active phone use (e.g., just opening the camera app would drop the charge rate by several watts). Our results may not equal your results and are provided only as a reference, not a guarantee. That being said, we have run these tests with multiple testing tools, and they have been consistent for us.


  • Heat resistant plastic -Polycarbonate (PC) or Acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrile (ASA)
  • 3M 2080 Vinyl


7.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
This is what Rivian should have built

Installed the StowNcharge on my 2024 R1T, I opted for the apple magsafe chargers to compliment the system. Wow, I wish this was the experience that Rivian offered. Both slots rapidly grab hold of our iPhone 15 Max’s.

This also opens up the usb-c slot that I have been using while waiting for this option to deliver. Get on the waitlist and enjoy.

What Rivian should have made

Stow N Charge works great! It’s what Rivian should have included in the R1. Super easy to install, and feels OEM.

Michael Kamen
Works great, quick note if you run a Quad Lock Mag Safe Case

Just wanted to pass along some info/testing I did. I run a Quad Lock Mag Safe Charing case case for my iPhone 14 Pro Max. When I ordered the StowNCharge product I also order 2 Apple Mag Safe chargers because I knew I would need to power through the plastic in the StowNCharge and the case thinking Apple products would supply the most power. To my surprise, these did not work. The iPhone would charge for 1 second and then not charge. I then ordered the JSAUX Magnetic Wireless Chargers and those work great with a Quad Lock Mag Safe charging case. Hope that helps. Thanks for making a great product, works great.


Absolutely love it. This should be Rivian original equipment. Well done!

Eric H
Good fit/simple install

Install was surprisingly easily and great fit. Works as expected and far more useful than OEM charging pad. Not the cheapest option but very pleased with the product.